March 21, 2020

March 13, 2020

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Everyday Sneakers & Sneaker Trends

February 4, 2020


































Whether I am going to a sporting event or running errands around town, I am constantly in some sort of tennis shoe. Whether it is with dresses or jeans and a sweater, tennis shoes are the way to go these days. More often than not, you will catch me wearing a black pair of tennis shoes and most of the time they are my Vans Old Skool. They are my absolute favorite classic pair of tennis shoes to wear. I pack them to travel and walk around cities, wear them to hockey games, and just to complete an outfit.


The thing that I love about the Van Old Skool's is because they come in a MILLION different colors and patterns, but they also have different heights. They come in short, like mine above, and tall that is really perfect to pair with jeans and a top. These are the comfiest everyday sneakers I have ever owned!


My favorite thing about tennis shoes these days is how different each pair is, whether it is the color, style, pattern, etc. Sneakers are such a great way to create a comfortable, laid-back outfit. One that allows you to be on the go and ready to take all of the steps! There are so many sneaker styles that are trending right now that it is just too hard to keep up with all of them. First you have the velcro sneakers that are making a comeback. I don't know if I stand 100% behind it right now but there are so many really beautiful and feminine pairs of velcro tennis shoes that it is hard to turn them down. Much like classic sneakers, velcro sneakers pair well this mini/midi dresses and your go to denim.


Another trendy style right now is high tops and this is one of my favorite styles of tennis shoes! Of course we know the original and classic Converse High Tops but there are so many other brands, styles, and patterns out there now. These are my favorite tennis shoe to get paired with cropped jeans or mom jeans rolled up a bit.



What kind of everyday tennis shoe are you shopping for? What are y'all's favorite type of tennis shoe to wear? Do y'all have a favorite brand?


As always, thank y'all for stopping by and reading! I will see y'all back here next time!


Love, Dani

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